Announcing a Slate Roof with Integrated Solar Panels

A Greenstone Vermont slate roof installed with the innovative Nu-lok Roofing System can now have photovoltaic solar panels integrated directly into the roof . . .  Imagine a beautiful Vermont slate roof that generates electricity, without obtrusive panels jutting up from the roof!

Nu-lok SolarRoof™ Technology

Nu-lok SolarRoof™ photovoltaic panels are designed to fit directly into the Nu-lok slate installation system, creating an integrated roof that generates power, while still offering a great look.

Greenstone Slate installed with Nu-lok also conserves energy . . .

Greenstone Slate's reflective properties and high density offer significant insulating properties, while the Nu-lok installation technique self ventilates (making it ideal for solar panel application). The insulating air space between the Nu-lok installation system and the roof deck increases energy savings still further.


Not quite ready to "go solar"? Keep in mind that you can always upgrade. In fact, all new and existing Nu-lok/Greenstone roofs are solar-upgradable.

To learn more about installing a Greenstone Slate roof with the Nu-lok SolarRoof™ technology please inquire here . We will be glad to provide further information on this exciting development in slate roofing.